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Right Side View of FPS Professional Foam Cannon with Electronic Control

FPS Professional Foam Cannon with Integrated Electronic Pump Control

SKU: 197644684144

The FPS Professional Cannon is the industry leader in foam machines proudly designed and hand assembled in the United States. This cannon features the latest in foam machine technology with an industry exclusive integrated pump system with electronic display for ultimate control of foam solution mixture. This eliminates the need for a submersible pump and water barrel. The clear hose coming off the machine goes in a 1-2 gallon container (container provided by the customer) filled with concentrated foam solution. A water hose (customer supplied) goes to the inlet from a water hydrant. This allows for a very fast setup and tear down for foam parties. Its cutting-edge design provides beginners a confident machine that allows them to feel like a professional after the first

The FPS cannon will send a thick column of foam 25-35 feet in the air providing customers with the most epic party experience ever. Also included is one gallon of FPS Foam Gel concentrate that mixes with 4 gallons of water to give you 5 gallons of foam solution to get you started. Order extra solution with your cannon so the party never ends! Features and accessories include:


• Industry Exclusive Cannon mounted pump system with electronic control that eliminates need for submersible pump and water barrel. Step up to the newest innovation in Foam Machines on the market


• Electronic pump controller for infinite speed and solution . mixture control. No need to premix foam solution in a trash can or barrel anymore.


• Foam Industry exclusive CNC machined and custom fabricated cannon mount system. 4130 Chromoly and 6061 aluminum construction engineered and built to last a lifetime.


• Engineered and manafactured for the Foam Party Professional but simple enough for an amateur to operate and feel like a professional in minutes.


• 550 watt fan that sends a thick column of foam 25-35 feet in the air. Plugs in to standard 115 volt household plug


• Included with the cannon and mount are a Gator Frameworks tripod with lift assist that allows for easy raising and lowering of the cannon , GFCI connector plug, independent water pressure regulator, and 1 gallon of FPS foam gel concentrate.


PLEASE NOTE Customer will need to provide a 1-5 gallon container for foam solution concentrate and a 25-50ft standard garden hose as these items are not included with this purchase. Please contact us for any questions.

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