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Top View FPS Pump Controller

FPS Professional Foam Cannon Integrated Electronic Pump and Control Upgrade

This option is only available if you have purchased a FPS Foam Cannon cannon in the past without this option and now wish to upgrade. This is not avaiable for the FoamGenius line or for any other manufacturer's foam machine or cannon.

     FPS Professional Foam Cannon Integrated Electronic Pump Controller Box is sold as a  bolt on pump option that replaces the existing fan switch and provides a direct cannon mounted pump system with an electronic control.

    A switch turns the pump on/off while the twist dial increases and decreases concentration of foam solution mixture by controlling pump speed. This system replaces the submersible pump and 55 gallon barrel container of water and solution mixture. You just place the 1/4” clear hose coming off the pump in to a 1-2 gallon jug containing your foam solution. A garden hose from the water hydrant then connects to the hose inlet on cannon. This provides for a super fast setup and tear down for foam party professionals. Allow an extra two weeks before shipping. Warranty is 1 year on the pump, pump controller, and switches.

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